Environmental Policy

As members of a caring company, we are all responsible for the effects we have on the environment.

  • Reduce any adverse impact on the environment arising from the activities of our business.
  • Minimise the use of energy and resources consumed while undertaking our business activities in a safe and professional manner. Meet and wherever possible exceed the environmental requirements of our customers and appropriate legislative bodies.
  • Improve our environmental performance.
  • Inform and train our staff in understanding and fulfilling their environmental responsibilities and those of the company.
  • Ensure our regular suppliers endorse and are committed to our environmental policies and our commitment to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • Make every effort to reduce and prevent pollution by minimising our use of:
    • Energy
    • Consumables
    • Travel by Company Cars
    • Water supply
  • We will make every effort to recycle and responsibly dispose of waste (including paper, consumables and electronic equipment)

Each and every individual is duty bound to act in an environmentally responsible manner.