Examinations, Inquiries & Hearings

Our team have a wealth of experience in both preparing for applications and examination, and providing evidence and information throughout the process, to ensure the project successfully defends the compelling case in the public interest.

From objector schedules to written representations and responses to questions we are adept and proficient in providing all the necessary information in support of the application. Our team have experience of providing the property expert at over 10 DCO examinations to date, with more on the immediate horizon.

The Ardent team’s experience of DCO examinations, public inquires and hearings, places us in a unique position to be able to advise and equip our clients with the best industry knowledge and experience. Our team can ensure there are no surprises, risks are minimised and consent is achieved in the most efficient cost effective manner.

The land team plays a significant role through the examination stage of a project, with our usual key deliverables being as follows:

  • Input to response document for relevant representations;
  • Responses to written representations;
  • Updates to application documents as required, e.g BoR, Land plans;
  • Compulsory Acquisition schedule;
  • Compulsory Acquisition speaking notes;
  • Attendance at hearings for open floor and issue specific;
  • Drafting of summaries of speaking notes;
  • Responding to written questions as required; and
  • Responding to written submissions received.

For more information on Compulsory Purchase and Consents, contact Steve Yates on 07825 829 315 or steveyates@ardent-management.com