Consultation & Engagement 

To ensure the project is as successful as possible it is imperative to establish a good relationship with all landowners (and their professional advisors) affected by the scheme. They may not be in support of the project but we should endeavour to build an open working relationship based on integrity and trust. This will give the best possible outcome in terms of securing voluntary agreements and minimising the volume and nature of objections.

We have a diligent land referencing methodology, which we utilise for the creation of a comprehensive and structured stakeholder engagement strategy. This enables us to complete legally robust and comprehensive formal and informal consultation and negotiate survey access. We employ our strategy to efficiently manage our client’s time and money, and to mitigate the risk of negative public relations which can damage reputations.

On behalf of numerous public and private sector clients, Ardent has successfully coordinated the consultation process (DCO – s.42/44) and stakeholder management, including negotiating with objectors. Integrity and transparency are central to our approach.

We involve all stakeholders from local authorities and utility companies to landowners and occupiers to the general public. We listen to their views and by taking the time to address every issue and respond to every query, we effectively manage opposition and take views on board, allowing for the development of the best project.

In many cases, we have overcome third party concerns by entering into agreements that regulate the ongoing promotion and procurement of the scheme, while at the same time ensuring project delivery and reducing risks to cost and budget.

We undertake stakeholder consultation, landowner engagement and public consultation to a thorough standard for all forms of compulsory purchase order. We also recognise and have experience in the different legislative requirements concerning consultation for various types of compulsory purchase, including the rigorous requirements laid down in the Planning Act 2008. We will identify through the land referencing process the full list of s.42/ 44 consultees and issue, monitor and record the notices and site notices as required. We ensure that the processes of landowner engagement and land referencing go hand in hand.

To support this process, we will input into documents including the Consultation Report and Statement of Reasons in order to ensure that all records of landowner interaction are included. With extensive experience of complex negotiations, compulsory purchase orders and dispute resolution, we have the skill to anticipate potential conflicts and resolve them before they become an issue.

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