Heavy Rail

Ardent’s experience in Transport and Works Act Orders (TWAOs), Development Consent Orders (DCOs) and Hybrid Bill processes is unrivalled. We have successfully promoted more of these Orders and Bills than any other company in the UK covering both Heavy Rail and Light Rail projects.

Ardent have provided land services for the Dockland’s Light Railway for over 20 years including new extensions to support the 2012 Olympics.

Ardent is currently supporting (or has recently supported) the following schemes;

  • (High Speed 2) HS2
  • Transport for London (TfL) including;
    • Silvertown Tunnel
    • Northern Line Extension
    • Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project
  • Network Rail
    • East West Rail Phase 1 & 3 projects
    • Promotion of the Leeds Second Station Entrance project West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA)

Since the Planning Act 2008 came into force, nationally significant railway schemes are delivered through the DCO process (where they are not considered suitable for a Hybrid Bill process). Our expertise in this area allows our clients to benefit from our unparalleled ability to develop advanced concepts that provide cost savings and risks mitigation throughout the promotion and construction phases.

As well as scheme promotion, we are specialists in infrastructure protection. Our Surveyors can respond to property enquiries, planning applications and developers on behalf of clients, ensuring that railway infrastructure and its operation is properly protected. Fees for this service can often be claimed back from the third party developers.

For more information on Heavy Rail, contact Steve Yates on 07825 829 315 or steveyates@ardent-management.com