Land Referencing 

Ardent has unrivalled experience in delivering complex and detailed land referencing projects, identifying all land interests with a potential “relevant claim” for compensation.

Our dedicated UK wide team of Land Referencers are highly skilled in interpreting Land Registry and other key tools to research interested parties, ensuring “diligent inquiry”. Ardent’s team are specialists in the production of statutory documents, including the Book or Reference and Land Plans (Order plans).

Land Referencing is a critical initial foundation stage in the project life cycle, providing a base of data on which a number of services can be delivered. These include survey access, engagement/consultation, risk identification and the property cost estimate.

We see Land Referencing as an integral part of scheme delivery and we place great emphasis on this element, as well as offering a unique conception to completion service encompassing all aspects of land assembly. Underpinning the approach to land referencing is our diligent approach to managing data, through GIS, CAD, ATLAS and innovative mobile technology.

Our website based online Request for Information (RFI) form, reduces our carbon footprint and paper trail through an environmentally friendly and modern approach to data collection and verification. This method of data collection vastly increases response rates and quality of the data received and is supported by paper documents should they be required.

For more information on Land Referencing, Plan Production & Notice Serving, contact Mike Crowther on 07760 398 495 or