Scheme Development & Optioneering 

The strategy behind land acquisition should start early in the project journey, beginning with an  initial desktop assessment to inform land requirements and to understand the impact on landowners, land values, compensation costs and risks.

Following desktop research, it is important to meet with landowners at an early stage in the informal consultation while there are a number of design options still viable and to explore the feedback on the options and primarily to understand how the proposed land acquisition would affect them. This aids decision making, informs acquisition budgets and allows ongoing development of the acquisition strategy.

Land impact is one of the disciplines which should be considered in the mix alongside other work streams to consider the best project design. Land needs to be considered against engineering, environmental and financial constraints and all factors should be given the appropriate weighting in any decisions.

At Ardent we ensure that each client has to hand all the required land information they need to make an informed decision on the best route option and Order boundary. From our Land Referencing team providing ownership information, to our valuation team providing in-depth assessments of compensation, we pull together as one team to ensure all the facts and figures are available.

Ardent advises on feasibility options for transport, infrastructure, and energy & renewables schemes. From concept to delivery, our involvement at critical points in the project life-cycle underpins the decision-making process, ensuring the project´s integrity.

Throughout the planning and development phases, risks and costs as well as opportunities are identified and monitored to ensure a realistic appraisal of the proposed scheme. This process is captured within our stage reports to ensure the case for the scheme is robust.

Our knowledge of the procedural framework in which schemes are promoted and delivered perfectly positions us to steer clients safely and confidently through the legal and heavily bureaucratic process. We capture all options, consultation and project development with staged reports to support any examination in public.

Our service includes:

  • Feasibility assessments and advice
  • Scheme appraisal and development options for multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Identification, assessment and advice on property proposals and impact
  • Policy planning, legislation, valuations, budgets, consents and environmental matters
  • Consultation process and reports
  • Objections and dispute resolution

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