Light Rail, Tramways & Guided Busways

Ardent’s experience in promoting Transport & Works Act Orders (TWA Orders) is unrivalled. We have successfully promoted more TWA’s than any other Surveying practice in the UK.

Examples of our experience include Docklands Light Railway, Transport for London, Cambridge Guided Busway, Metrowest, Bristol Guided Busway and Nottingham Express Transit.

As well as successfully promoting more TWA Orders than any other Surveying practice, we have also advised on the first ever (2011) successful Development Consent Order.

Unlike more common forms of Compulsory Purchase powers, TWA Orders are an envelope within which consents can be placed and often provide for a wide range of permanent and temporary land rights, as well as planning and operating powers, highways orders and environmental consents. Ardent has a wide and practical knowledge in the use and application of these powers including the valuation and financial consequences.

We understand the concepts behind the delivery of both rural and urban infrastructure and apply bespoke property strategies including the use of land temporarily, and the acquisition of protection zones and airspace rights.

In addition, we have specialists in railway infrastructure protection, so our Surveyors can help to manage third party development around existing railway infrastructure, ensuring that its operation is not endangered.

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