Property Acquisition Strategy

When undergoing land assembly, many authorities make the common mistake of permanently acquiring land they don’t need; either through design or compulsion. Our expert team can devise a strategy which will ensure the minimum amount of land required is acquired subject to compulsory purchase rights of vendors.

In addition, the timing of acquisitions and the approach taken can have a huge impact on both what land is bought and how much is paid for it. Where possible, we can negotiate the purchase of land on a consensual basis and we are expertly placed to advise on the need and timing for compulsory purchase powers to be applied for and used.

Due to our integrated service for land assembly and compulsory purchase, we are well placed to devise a strategy and follow it through, often delivering schemes on or ahead of programme and on or under budget.

When it comes to the acquisition of land post consent, our team at Ardent are able to advise on the best method of securing land.

Where agreements to acquire land have not been concluded, the Order provides temporary use and permanent compulsory acquisition powers. In the case of a DCO, there are a suite of survey access, temporary land use and permanent acquisition powers, which includes General Vesting Declarations (GVD) and traditional Notice to Treat and Enter (NTT/NOE) processes. These tools can be used to mitigate impacts on landowners and consequently mitigate compensation costs and risks.

Ardent’s experience across a number of years and projects, places us as the go to team when advice is required on securing the land and land rights. For this reason, clients keep the Ardent team on board through pre-consent, consent and post consent stages until a project is delivered and compensation settled.

For more information on Compulsory Purchase and Consents, contact Steve Yates on 07825 829 315 or