About Us

About Ardent

The infrastructure sector can be seen as lacking a human element, however we are different because we understand that the value of land lies in its potential to improve lives and create a sustainable future.

Using our quality and innovative land services, we supply clients from the energy, transport, and city and town regeneration sectors with a comprehensive guide to the CPO process, enabling us to take their projects from inception to completion. We are the largest team of CPO surveyors in the UK, dedicated to helping our clients create a better tomorrow.

Our Services:

We have designed a unique approach to project delivery by offering three integrated core services that help us to provide clients with a clear understanding of our delivery:

  • Land Referencing and GIS
  • Compulsory Purchase and Consents
  • Compensation

Please visit our services pages to gain an understanding of how our teams can increase efficiency, minimise risk, and deliver the land your project needs to create a brighter future.

Our Vision:

We are an organisation that strives to improve quality of life and create a sustainable future, through the regeneration and growth of the UK’s Infrastructure.

Our Promise:

All of our employees are confident in their knowledge and highly trained to provide our clients with comprehensive and detailed advice, enabling us to facilitate the provision of land required by our clients to build the future.

Our Values:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Be Respectful
  • Be accountable and be trusted
  • Exceed all expectations
  • Be the best