Land Referencing, Plan Production & Notice Serving

land referencing

Ardent has significant experience in the preparation of a range of Transport and Works Act Orders (TWAO), Hybrid Bills, Development Consent Orders (DCO) and Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO).  We provide our clients with consultancy services and expert technical and strategic advice based on our unrivalled experience of statutory applications.

Ardent has experience of working on some of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK, for example HS2, alongside a wide range of expertise relating to infrastructure projects of a smaller, more local scale,  incorporating clients in the highways, light and heavy rail, energy and regeneration schemes.

This experience contributes to our informed understanding of statutory requirements set by the relevant legislation as well as expertise and foresight of the Planning Inspectorate’s (or other authorising authority’s) expectations of the scheme at Examination/Inquiry.  This allows us to prepare, submit  and carry out an application that is robust against challenge.

Ardent have experience with delivering complex and detailed land referencing techniques to identify land owners, occupiers and individuals with a potential “relevant claim” for compensation. Our dedicated team of Land Referencer’s are highly skilled in interpreting Land Registry and other key tools to research interested parties, and are capable of “diligent inquiry” in the production of statutory documents, including the Book of Reference and Land plans (Order plans).

Under the Planning Act 2008, there is a statutory requirement to identify and consult with all affected parties under s42/44. Our land referencing methodology plays a crucial role in ensuring a comprehensive, structured stakeholder engagement and legally robust consultation takes place leading to the successful acceptance of schemes by the Planning Inspectorate. Regardless of the statutory process, undertaking a comprehensive consultation ahead of application submission can reduce the risk of a lengthy Public Inquiry/hearings (saving time and money) and also the risk of damaging public relations and a client’s reputation. Our clients recognise the invaluable contribution we make to scheme consultation and development as a direct result of our approach.

Notification is a requirement throughout all statutory application procedures, and we have experience of producing them in all relevant forms. Ardent has varied and comprehensive experience of preparing and issuing general vesting declarations and notices to treat and enter.  Innovations to improve accuracy and consistency of notice monitoring on site have included use of mobile technology to capture information at source.

Our service includes:

  • The preparation of compliant Land Plans, Order Plans, Deposited Plans and Rights of Way Plans
  • Production of statutory compliant Compulsory Purchase Order Schedules and Books of Reference
  • Application of a robust land referencing methodology to demonstrate diligent/reasonable enquiry ahead of public consultation and application submission
  • Generation and service of statutory notices such as Notices to Treat, Notices of Entry, Notices of Intention and General Vesting Declarations
  • Reporting of notice returns
  • Preparation, placing and monitoring of site notices using mobile technology
  • Swearing affidavits of notice serving
  • Giving evidence in support of land referencing at any hearing or Public Inquiry
  • Securing land access for surveys
  • Bespoke plans for Land & Works Agreements

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