Atlas Database

Atlas is a bespoke spatial database management system, tailored to support all land assembly projects from inception to completion. The database is designed to support the full life span of a project from feasibility and planning, to design and construction through to evaluation by providing powerful tools to help project teams carry out their work effectively and efficiently.

Powered by Cloud Technology

Atlas incorporates the latest in cloud-based solutions to bring project information into a common data environment and provides numerous advantages:

  • Remote access by both clients and our specialists making information available 24/7
  • Empowers project teams to be more data orientated and boosts creativity.
  • Engages customers in creating a platform that best fits the project’s requirements.
  • Ensures a data driven approach to project management.

This platform features robust reporting capabilities, web-based GIS applications, performance tracking visualisation tools, and mobile data capture applications for all site work.

Our cloud technology provides a secure environment with strictly regulated access. All data entered into the database is subject to vigorous quality control checks and is frequently monitored for any changes or unexpected activity. It is a user/permission-based system and the project team controls accessibility.

Atlas & Land Assembly

Atlas is designed to support all aspects of land assembly and the full range of services that Ardent provide. It is geared towards automating many land referencing processes such as Book of Reference production, requests for information forms, data integrity checks and report creation to help drive efficiency across projects.

Atlas has an integrated GIS web application, which provides our Compulsory Purchase and Consents team a platform to use during landowner engagement and consultation. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality offers a centralised location to store and report on key documentation related to each specific landowner, which can be called upon in future hearings, inquiries and examinations. This approach assists in the management of compensation for claimants; this includes aiding with tracking of negotiations and claim discussions, and objection management and recording of any assurances provided.

Ardent’s Compensation team uses intuitive GIS applications to aid in detailed Property Cost Estimate calculations at all stages of a project lifecycle. Having information available in a visual interface will aid our team in producing risk reports in visual, informative manner, which can be shared with the client in a digital fashion.

Our integrated approach to digital data capture, data management, and visualisations, enables project teams to track key performance indicators, reduce time on site, and in turn reduce both costs and risk.

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