Planning and Engagement

Delivering change in our economy and our communities requires promoters to secure support and input from a wide range of stakeholders. Not only is this often a legal requirement but it helps fully understand a problem, to identify the most appropriate solution and to deliver that solution in the most appropriate, cost effective and beneficial way. It is for this reason that we are deeply committed to authentic stakeholder engagement, knowing that it not only influences design and planning but also magnifies benefits for communities and the environment. Our Planning & Engagement Directorate is tasked with championing this commitment and delivering for our clients.

Our formula for successful engagement is simple yet effective: collaborate and establish trust. We work hand-in-hand with partner organisations and communities, weaving trust into every layer of the planning process.

Our engagement work forms a key component of our broader land and consent management services. We excel in the renewables, regeneration, utilities, and transport sectors, offering you a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to our countries greatest challenges and opportunities.

Comprised of seasoned experts in community and stakeholder engagement, our team brings extensive experience to the table. We specialise in navigating the complex terrains of the Town & County Planning Act, Development Consent Order process, and projects managed through the Transport & Works Act Order or Hybrid Bills.

We’re not a one-size-fits-all service. Our flexible approach ensures that we adapt to the unique demands of each project, maximising available resources. On top of that, we’re excited about leveraging cutting-edge technologies to offer you quicker, more cost-efficient, and higher-quality engagement exercises.

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