Statutory Document Production 

On all applications and projects that Ardent is involved in, our pre-application work is  focussed on the application submission documents and driving a successful consent.

The key statutory document deliverables from the land team for a DCO application will be as follows:

  • Book of Reference/ CPO Schedule
  • Land Plans / Land and Works Plans / CPO Maps
  • Crown Land Plans
  • Special Category plans
  • Statement of Reasons (input and review)
  • Funding Statement (part – land compensation estimate)
  • Consultation report (part – land consultation)

The Ardent team have considerable experience from our current track record of over 45 DCO applications.  Through all of our statutory applications, we have produced in excess of 75 Book of Reference/CPO schedules and the same in terms of land acquisition plans (e.g DCO Land Plans, TWAO Land and Works Plans or CPO Maps).

Our considerable experience places us at the front of our industry and provides us with a unique experience to advise clients on programme, risk and deliverables to ensure an efficient and successful application is submitted.

For more information on Compulsory Purchase and Consents, contact Steve Yates on 07825 829 315 or