In a world where we can become inundated with a constant flow of information and data, it can quickly become overwhelming and real value can be lost amongst the noise. Having a digitally minded team to help make sense of key information can be the key to the successful, efficient delivery of a project.

Ardent’s Atlas & Geospatial Insights (AGI) team provide a digitally driven, integrated approach to data management, data collection and geospatial analysis. Our team provides innovation through technology enabling Ardent project teams to make the best possible use of the information available to them in order to encourage creativity, enhance efficiency and boost productivity. By designing our Atlas data platform in a way that makes information accessible and clear, project teams are able to make informed decisions based on real time information.

Experienced Geospatial Consultants

Our AGI team is made up of experienced geospatial consultants, highly competent in utilising various GIS and CAD software packages to deliver detailed plans to fit all of our client’s requirements. Supporting Ardent in over 50 DCO applications, the team are experienced and well-versed in what is required to deliver accurate and informative plans.

Whilst we endeavour to push forward the digital transformation there will always remain a need for detailed plan production to support all phases of a project life cycle. The team have worked on a wide range of projects exceeding 100 applications. Products produced include;

  • DCO Land Plans,
  • TWAO Land and Works Plans,
  • CPO Order Maps,
  • Crown Land Plans
  • Agreement plans,
  • Survey access licence plans, site notice locations plans.

Providing a Land Information Bible for all projects!

Atlas is our bespoke spatial database management system, tailored to support all Land Assembly projects from inception to completion. Atlas is designed to support the full life span of a project from planning, design and construction through to land acquisition, by providing powerful tools enabling project teams to carry out their work effectively and efficiently. Ardent has created the system based on experience of over 100 projects spanning 25years+ of operating in the infrastructure sector and our experience of exactly what clients require.

Geared towards automating many Land Referencing processes such as Book of Reference production, requests for information forms, data integrity checks and report creation, Atlas has been developed to help drive efficiency across projects. Increasing delivery output and keeping costs to a minimum for clients.

Empower your team members

The days of spreadsheets, separate spatial datasets and a laborious manual process for updating and maintaining a track record of information such as the access permissions or land ownership details are over. Using GIS solutions to develop web applications, spatial data viewers and tools for data management has empowered Ardent teams to take ownership of their spatial data to really drive efficiency for projects. Allowing teams to update information including survey access status and land parcel information in an integrated environment, means that projects can see updates in real time allowing key decisions to be made in a time effective manner.


Atlas provides GIS web applications, which are directly linked to the main land information database, which means teams can interrogate data in a spatial fashion providing greater context and a wider understanding of the land information.

Digitise your site data capture

Collecting data on site can often be a time consuming and frustrating exercise which can be littered with risk. Whether it is trying to sketch site plans on paper in bad weather or collecting geotagged photographs to accompany reports, traditional data collection methods can prove to be problematic. The AGI aim to design mobile data collection applications tailored to a client’s requirements. These applications can be deployed across a number of devices and with the ability to work offline meaning they can be deployed anywhere. Utilising the latest technology in mobile data collection and designing bespoke solutions, Ardent are able to provide mobile applications to enable accurate site data to be collected efficiently and securely.

Using industry leading software the AGI create digital map based applications for collecting information. These applications are ideal for making the processing of site information efficient and cost effective. The use of drop down menus and predefined text enforces a level of data standards across a project, helping to eliminate any risk that can be associated with collecting information manually.

Automation is king

The demand for information at the click of a button is growing at a rapid rate, people need their data in a format that makes it easy to digest and they need it now! The AGI have developed Atlas in a way which allows project teams to create dynamic reports to harness a considerable amount of information into a format that is easy to understand.


Managing a vast amount of land information can become overwhelmingly time consuming. Updating contact details, adding land descriptions and creating landownership records, can easily consume a full time role on a large project. The AGI automate the upload of data into the Atlas database, meaning large volumes of information can be uploaded into the database at the click of a button. The integrated approach means a simple task such as updating contact details only needs to be done in one place and not across numerous spreadsheets and tables.

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