With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses moving to remote working, the worries of how the ‘new normal’ would impact customer service became an increasingly hot topic. Even now, as the aftershocks of the pandemic reverberate through our world, Ardent have successfully managed, and surpassed our clients and partners’ expectations of how we could continue to deliver our vital services from home office spaces and dining room tables.

To mark the halfway point of Customer Service Week 2021 (the theme of which is ‘The Power of Service’), we have decided to highlight how our constantly evolving service delivery has helped us to continuously provide our clients and partners with successful industry leading land services.

Understanding the gaps in the overall service delivery of our sector, and drawing on our extensive knowledge of land services, we have created two new Directorates over the course of the last year; they are the Atlas & Geospatial Insights (AGI) and Consents Management Consultancy (CMC).

We developed the CMC to support our clients’ projects from inception to completion. By understanding our clients’ needs, we were able to transform our years’ of experience and knowledge of the infrastructure sector into a dedicated service, which works alongside our clients and specialises in building, and leading multi-disciplinary teams in the delivery of infrastructure projects. With the CMC’s ability to manage and integrate consent and land delivery into the heart of a holistic and coordinated project delivery strategy, we have increased the efficacy and efficiency of our land services. Inter-discipline collaboration leads to increased efficiency and decreased risk and cost.

The AGI team developed our Atlas database, which has an integrated GIS web application, designed to provide both our Land Referencing and our Compulsory Purchase & Consents team with a platform to use during landowner engagement and consultation. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality offers a centralised location to store and report on key documentation related to each specific landowner, which our clients and partners’ alike can call upon in future hearings, inquiries and examinations.

Understanding both our client’s requirements and the sectors in which they operate, along with putting our customer service at the forefront of our objectives, has led to the development of these Directorates. By recruiting from across the infrastructure sector, and developing the knowledge of our current teams, along with offering an in-house training program, we are able to pivot to our clients’ ever-changing needs. This is why our team, even in the depths of a global pandemic, was able to continuously deliver a powerful service for clients and partners.

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