Today we remind ourselves that our planet hangs in the balance, and the delicate ecosystems that make up our home are in danger of being altered indefinitely.

The climate crisis that threatens our way of life, and future generations is part of a larger problem, the deterioration of our ozone layer; otherwise known as the greenhouse effect. Scientists are now concerned that the heat trapped inside this barrier, will hasten climate change.

As we work to combat and mitigate the effects of climate change and the greenhouse effect, and juggle the response to these crises, we are rewarded by faint glimmers of hope, as the projects we undertake alongside our partners within the infrastructure sector are given the go ahead by the Planning Inspectorate.

With a reduction in dependency on fossil fuels, and the societal embrace of alternative sources of energy, we have seen an increase in the number of wind and renewable energy projects being undertaken by our teams; in fact 66% of our Energy Projects are now renewable. Our work, combined with the work of our partners and others within the sector, has improved renewable energy production, with the UK now harvesting 43% of its energy from renewable sources.

This year we are marking the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer by celebrating the fact that the work we continue to deliver for our partners, has helped the UK decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 10.7% since 2019.

To read more about our exciting work for renewables, follow the link here, or read about a few of our favourite renewable projects below:

  • Norfolk Vanguard & Norfolk Boreas
  • Triton Knoll Electrical System
  • Riverside Energy Park
  • The Net Zero Teesside Project
  • VPI Immingham Open Cycle Gas Turbine
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