Land Referencing is an integral part of regeneration schemes and project delivery, and we place great emphasis on this element of our work. By utilising GIS mapping software, computer-aided design (CAD), our purpose-built database, Atlas, and innovative mobile technology, our expert team of Land Referencers are able to deliver industry-leading services.

Ardent is a recognised and trusted name in both the land referencing and land assembly sectors. We deliver a high-quality service for regeneration schemes and major infrastructure projects alike, and take pride in the design, implementation, and use of the latest digital technologies.

We have unrivalled experience in delivering complex and detailed land referencing projects. Our dedicated UK-wide team of Land Referencers are highly skilled in interpreting Land Registry and will consistently ensure that ‘diligent inquiry’ is met. We are specialists in the production of statutory documents, including the Book of Reference and Land Plans required for a DCO.

Our services include:

  • Application of a robust land referencing methodology to demonstrate diligent/reasonable enquiry ahead of statutory consultation and Order submission
  • Support through the Optioneering process
  • Requests for Information (RFI) and Land Interest Questionnaires (LIQs)
  • Complex Land Registry title interpretation
  • Land ownership data management
  • Production of statutory documents – compliant Books of Reference and Compulsory Purchase Order schedules
  • Production of Land Plans, Order Plans, Deposited Plans, Crown Land Plans and Access and Rights of Way Plans
  • Securing Land Access for surveys
  • Statutory acquisition notices such as Notices to Treat, Notice of Entry and General Vesting Declarations
  • The preparation, placing and monitoring of site notices using mobile technology
  • Land referencing expert witnesses at hearings, examinations or public inquiries
  • Bespoke plans for Land and Works Agreements
  • Consultation, landowner and stakeholder engagement
  • Digital land referencing tools and applications
  • Asset identification
  • Digital data management

What is Land Referencing?

Land Referencing is a critical and foundation stage in a project’s life cycle, providing a base of data on which a number of services can be delivered. These include obtaining compulsory purchase powers, risk identification, survey access, stakeholder engagement, consultation and land and property cost estimates.

Why does land referencing matter?

The compulsory purchase process is made up of a number of stages. It allows acquiring authorities to apply for permission to acquire land permanently, to acquire rights over land, or to use land temporarily. The process of applying for and obtaining compulsory purchase powers is a statutory process with strict guidelines and requirements.

One of the key requirements is land referencing, which involves identifying all people or parties with an interest in the land or property, and determining what the nature of that interest is. Failure to properly identify those parties affected by a proposed scheme can jeopardise the outcome of an application for compulsory purchase powers. It is therefore vital that a Promotor can provide evidence that ‘diligent inquiry’ has been met when attempting to identify all of the affected parties and in ensuring that all affected parties receive the relevant statutory notices.

Why Our Service Stands Out?

The Ardent Land Referencing team is experienced at all levels. From junior positions through to our Board of Directors, our Land Referencers have a proven track record of providing high-quality services on a large number of schemes, through a variety of statutory instruments – DCO, CPO, TWAO.

Ardent delivered the first ever successful DCO and has been the market leader in DCO delivery ever since.

Flagship land referencing projects include;

  • Triton Knoll Electrical System – RWE Innogy UK Limited
  • M42 Junction 6 Improvement – Highways England
  • Norfolk Vanguard – Norfolk Vanguard Limited
  • Portishead Branch Line – MetroWest Phase 1 – North Somerset Council
  • The ‘Net Zero Teesside Project – Net Zero Teesside Power Limited
  • East West Rail Phase 3 – East West Railway Company
  • A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project – Highways England

To ensure the highest quality of service, our Land Referencers undertake an industry-leading in-house training programme called the Ardent Land Referencing Qualification (ALRQ). Through this we have been able to produce highly skilled land referencing specialists, trained in utilising the latest digital technologies.

We have also designed a unique approach to project delivery by offering four integrated core services that help us to provide clients with a comprehensive guide to the CPO process, uniquely enabling us to take their projects from inception to completion:

  • Land Referencing
  • Compulsory Purchase and Consents
  • Compensation
  • Atlas and Geospatial Insights

For more information regarding our Land Referencing service, please contact Mike Crowther at:


Our purpose-built land information database, Atlas, has been designed to help us drive efficiencies throughout the land referencing process by utilising a bespoke, integrated platform to deliver data to our teams at the click of a button. As well as providing an innovative, digitally focussed approach to land referencing, the AGI team allows us to manage robust data, reducing risk and cost while enforcing data security and increasing efficiencies in compliance with GDPR.

For more information regarding our Atlas database or the services on offer from our Atlas and Geospatial Insights team contact our AGI Lead, Adam Hankinson at:

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