Always looking at ways to maintain the Ardent team’s health and well-being, we decided to set a BIG challenge that involved getting them to dust off their trainers, get out of their home offices, and partake in some friendly competition…. by running to New York (sort of).

We calculated the distance between London and New York (3461.34 miles as the crow, or airliner, flies) and encouraged them to take part in a (virtual) endurance race to the Big Apple. They have been split into four teams of ten and each person will record how many miles they manage to cover, doing anything from biking to running, swimming or even just clocking up the miles by walking!

Weekly team totals are tallied and they have each already completed a staggering 400 miles, putting them well on their way and somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

With the easing of lockdown travel restrictions, we hope that this will encourage our teams to journey further away from their lockdown sanctuaries, and help them to feel a little more normal again.

As this is part of our Mental Health Awareness initiative, the company will be donating to the chosen charity of the winning team, and we hope to make this a staple of the future.

The Big Apple Challenge is on, and we’re all ‘gonna be a part of it (NEW YORK, NEW YORK!)’

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