Data Management for
Infrastructure Services – ATLAS

Ardent’s purpose built database, ATLAS, is helping Ardent to push the boundaries of technological advancement and drive our service to the front of the industry. Through robust data management, ATLAS assists to reduce risk and cost, while seeking to increase data security and compliance with GDPR.

Our web-based online Request for Information (RFI) form reduces our carbon footprint and paper trail, establishing an environmentally friendly and modern approach to data collection and verification. This method of data collection vastly increases response rates and quality of the data received.

We will provide our purpose-built, land information management system, ATLAS, developed specifically to support infrastructure development projects throughout their lifecycles. ATLAS provides the flexibility to structure our approach and methodology to the individuality of each Work Package that we work on.

ATLAS mirrors the processes for acquiring ownership information, producing schedules, postal lists, Book of Reference and Notices (postal and site for DCO and land acquisition) and managing the process of consulting with stakeholders throughout a projects lifecycle.  ATLAS provides a robust base for data management and coordination of land records, and we will use it to:

  • Facilitate recording of property consultation / communication information
  • Collect accurate data and combine property and HMLR information to enable easy document upload and association with land parcels, consultation records
  • Allow innovative online land interest questionnaire functionality to achieve time and cost savings
  • Provide a historical auditable catalogue to provide a defence against challenge
  • Manage the production of land ownership schedules and the Book of Reference
  • Integrates with GIS to enable geographic visualization of land referencing information
  • Provide ad-hoc reports to ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) as required
  • Manage H&S risk associated with site referencing and contact with affected landowners

Visualisation of Information

We recognise that the application of industry-leading data management tools and integration with GIS helps eliminate programme and cost risks to the project and deliver greater accuracy and efficiency during delivery through the more effective use of technology, process improvements and greater collaboration.

 We will work in a Collaborative Data Environment, for example SharePoint, with data held centrally on servers that are part of a routine backup process. These servers include SharePoint and SQL Server. In exceptional circumstances, data may be downloaded to a user’s machine for manipulation. That user will be required to return the completed dataset to the server environment at the soonest possible time.

Using ArcGIS Online we are able to provide direct ‘real-time’ access to the land referencing information we hold via the use of on-demand secure web services. 

 This ‘always on’ service will allow immediate access to up-to-date land referencing data and unlocks the land referencing data for other disciplines on the project e.g. the engineering and environmental teams. Having access to the latest data helps streamline the process of data management, and gives assurance to our clients that anyone using the data for communication purposes e.g. stakeholder engagement teams are contacting the right individuals / organisations. We are also able to provide access to survey access information through the same medium thereby providing the same ‘real-time’ access to land that has been unlocked for surveys.

For more information on Data Management for Infrastructure Services, contact Carl Weaver on 07825 289 765 or