GIS & Plan Production 

Complimentary to our Land Referencing services is our highly skilled team of GIS and CAD technicians. Our experienced team have delivered a vast range of statutory plans across numerous applications along with ancillary plans to support agreements, land acquisition and reporting survey access.

Adapting their approach, layout and design to meet client requirements, our flexibility across GIS and CAD ensures we consistently meet expectations. We regularly produce the following:


  • Statutory plans; Land Plans, Crown Land plans, Special Category plans, Rights of Way plans, TWAO Land and Works plans, CPO Order maps
  • Option agreement plans
  • Land registry compliant transfer plans
  • Survey access licence plans
  • Survey access record of access plans
  • Landownership plans
  • Site notice location plans

For more information on GIS and Plan Production, contact Carl Weaver on 07825 289 765 or