Notice Serving 

Notice service is a requirement throughout all statutory application procedures, and we have experience of producing them in all relevant forms. Ardent has a varied and comprehensive knowledge of preparing and issuing acquisition notices, e.g. general vesting declarations and notices to treat/enter.

For site notices, we use our innovative mobile technology to capture information at source, providing benefits such as improved accuracy, consistency and cost saving.

We regularly serve statutory notice for DCO applications, including s.42 formal consultation notices and s.56 notices of acceptance. Our team are also highly experienced in site notices and this service is frequently combined with our Land Referencing offering. 

When it comes to the acquisition of land post consent, our team at Ardent are able to advise on the best method of securing land.

Where agreements to acquire land have not been concluded, the Order provides temporary use and permanent compulsory acquisition powers. In the case of a DCO, there are a suite of survey access, temporary land use and permanent acquisition powers, which includes General Vesting Declarations (GVD) and traditional Notice to Treat and Enter (NTT/NOE) processes. These tools can be used to mitigate impacts on landowners and consequently mitigate compensation costs and risks. The optimum way to use these tools would form part of our bespoke land acquisition strategy and is influenced by specific identified risks.

There are lead-in times for the service of notices set out under legislation and we have vast experience in developing tailored arrangements for clients for the creation, and implementation of notice serving, in conjunction with the client’s solicitor. 

For more information on Land Referencing, Plan Production & Notice Serving, contact Mike Crowther on 07760 398 495 or