Acquistion & Land Assembly 

Compulsory Purchase guidance directs promoters to acquire land by agreement wherever possible. This can be through Option Agreements or Land and Works Agreements. Reaching agreements with affected landowners in pre-application stage of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) or Development Consent Order (DCO) greatly removes consenting risk for the project.

Where landowners are not engaging, or are in principle against the project, recorded efforts made to reach an agreement with those landowners will be important in the decision to award compulsory purchase powers over land where the landowner is unwilling to otherwise sell. The team at Ardent have significant experience in negotiating and concluding agreements with directly affected stakeholders and maintaining accurate records through our database. Being able to provide documentary evidence of acquisition attempts is vital.

Prior to embarking on agreement work, our team will prepare a land and property  acquisition strategy to ensure the client requirements are captured through the strategy. Ardent frequently provide detailed land assembly strategies from the outset, setting clear programmes and recommendations tailored to the client’s requirements.

In respect of Development Consent Orders (DCOs), there is a well-established principle that temporary land use powers can be applied to all of the land within the Order, so that land included for permanent acquisition may be used temporarily.  This can be used to delay the permanent acquisition costs of land and mitigate compensation costs. Consideration of the use of temporary possession powers should therefore form part of the strategy.

We would ensure that our bespoke land acquisition strategy covers all of the above headline matters.

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