We are pleased to announce that over the last two months, four DCO projects have been granted consent by the Planning Inspectorate (PINs) for which Ardent provided land services and advice. These 4 projects form part of our extensive portfolio of 47 DCO projects to date. In these unprecedented times it is reassuring to see the infrastructure sector is still progressing with these fantastic projects.

Over the last few years, Ardent have undertaken a range of work in support of these DCO’s in collaboration with our clients and other consultants. Below is a brief summary of the four successful applications we supported recently.

Cory Riverside Energy Park – Since Ardent’s instruction in April 2018, we have supported Cory in a number of ways from land referencing, through landowner engagement and onto concluding landowner agreements. This included assisting the client through a challenging examination period. Throughout our instruction we supported Cory by utilising our specialist industry leading knowledge of the DCO process and working as part of the wider team to deliver this EFW project to PINS, culminating in a successful DCO consent on 9th April, 2020.

Lake Lothing Third Crossing – Since 2016, Ardent have been advising Suffolk County Council and guiding them through the DCO process. We have been navigating the project through a detailed application process; our work included engaging with local stakeholders, leading onto landowner agreements, and providing DCO advice during the examination. Development Consent was granted on 30th April 2020. Ardent will continue to assist Suffolk County Council into the next phases of project.

West Midlands Interchange – Ardent were instructed to advise the client on securing options, and assess compensation in relation to a number of property interests. The Ardent team advised the client during the Compulsory Acquisition hearings. Colin Cottage, Managing Director of Compensation, gave evidence in relation to specific project cases. Development Consent was granted on 4th May, 2020. Moving forward, Ardent are supporting, and advising the client during the acquisitions and compensation stages of the Land Assembly process.

M42 – The M42 Junction 6 improvement was necessary due to the local socioeconomic growth of the area, and a need for improved road links. Current congestion and journey reliability issues are a significant constraint to future investment in the area. Ardent supported AECOM throughout Project Control Framework stages 3 and 4. We provided full land referencing services, DCO advice, and case management with all affected parties. We supported the Valuation Office Agency in development of land and works agreements, and supported the client during the Examination and service of s134 notices. Consent was granted on 21st May 2020. Ardent are continuing to support multiple other Highways England DCO applications.

In the meantime, the Ardent team that assisted Vattenfall with the Norfolk Vanguard DCO application wait in anticipation for a decision.  Although the decision to grant consent was due to be made in early June, there has been a delay in PINs’ decision until the start of July. We hope that our collaborative efforts will result in another much needed renewable energy project successfully consented.

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