We’ve come a long way since we began our journey in 1996. A lot has changed; our look, our size, our impact, but there are still some things that remain the same. Our passion to support clients in their mission to build a better future.

This passion has driven us to help shape the infrastructure & regeneration sector into what it is today. In 2010, we were instructed on the very first DCO at Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility for Covanta. Ten years later, we are both proud and delighted to announce that our specialist knowledge and industry leading work has led to Ardent delivering land promotion services on our 50th DCO project.

This milestone marks a tremendous achievement for our team and one which we are incredibly proud of.  With further potential DCO projects in the pipeline, we look forward to our 100th DCO project! The future of infrastructure is certainly looking both innovative and exciting and we have been at the front of digital transformation in this sector with the development of our dedicated ATLAS cloud based system. We caught up with our CEO, Richard Caten who had the following to say about this milestone:

‘I am very proud of the Ardent team that has supported so many key infrastructure projects across the UK that have changed so many lives. We have learned a lot about what makes DCO applications successful and what mitigates risk in the delivery phase, we have a real passion for delivery and I am excited to share my knowledge supporting the forthcoming infrastructure ‘build build build’ agenda.’

If you would like to enquire about our services, speak to one of our specialists or find out how we can assist your DCO from inception to completion, please visit our Contact Us page.

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