Atlas is our bespoke spatial database management system, tailored to support all Land Assembly projects from inception to completion. Designing Atlas to support the full life span of a project from planning, into design and construction through to evaluation by providing powerful geospatial tools will enable project teams to carry out their work effectively and efficiently. Ardent has created the system based on experience of over 100 projects spanning 25years+ of operating in the infrastructure sector and our experience of client’s data requirements.

Geared towards automating many Land Referencing processes such as the Book of Reference production, requests for information forms, data integrity checks and report creation, Atlas has been developed to help drive efficiency across projects. Increasing delivery output and keeping costs to a minimum for clients.

Atlas incorporates the latest in cloud-based solutions to bring project information into a common data environment and provides numerous advantages:

  • Remote access by both clients and our specialists making information available 24/7
  • Empowers project teams to be more data orientated and boosts creativity
  • Engages clients in creating a platform that best fits the project’s requirements
  • Ensures a data driven approach to project management

Ardent look to provide an integrated approach to data management and data visualisation and the Atlas solution provide project teams with GIS web applications, robust reporting capabilities, web based data visualisation tools such as interactive dashboards and a CRM interface. This provides our teams with an all-encompassing platform to use during all aspects of managing land information throughout the project lifecycle.

The database is a secure environment which works on a user/permission based system with the project team controlling accessibility and functionality. The fully integrated geospatial functionality is designed to provide users the tools they need to view, create and edit information in a live, user-friendly platform.

Visit the Atlas page on our website at  for more information on how we can help transform your landowner data handling.

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