Today COP26 is focused on Energy – Accelerating the global transition to clean energy. The UK is a world leader in energy decarbonisation, setting renewable energy and non-coal generation records and demonstrating the rapid progress that has been made in the last decade.

However, the scale and pace of UK energy transformation needs to increase significantly if we are to meet our net-zero ambitions. As well as rapidly expanding off- and on- shore wind, solar and energy from hydrogen, it also requires us to successfully implement Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) associated with generation sites. This requires major investment and the expansion of delivery capacity of the sector to meet these urgent demands; along with a focus on how best to navigate the various DCO regime challenges to consent these schemes.

Ardent are proud to have supported numerous schemes that support the long term transition to net-zero. We have extensive experience in Offshore Wind supporting RWE’s Triton Knoll scheme and Vattenfall’s Boreas, Vanguard and Thanet schemes among others; with a mixture of land referencing, land agency, compensation and project management support.

We have also been honoured to work on pioneering projects such as the Swansea Tidal Lagoon and more recently the Cory Riverside Energy Park which aims to power 140,000 homes and the Net Zero Teesside DCO, a cluster of industrial, power and hydrogen businesses that will utilise to carbon capture and storage.

To find out more about our renewables offering and how we can best help support your journey to net-zero, please visit our website at or get in touch with our renewable energy lead, Pete Gibbard at

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