We are very proud to announce that the Ardent Leeds office has recently recruited five new team members. The Ardent Leeds Office opened in late 2016 to support Land Referencing on the HS2 Phase 2b project, with only six members of staff. In less than three years the Ardent Leeds team has more than tripled in size, and now supports twenty highly skilled team members, dedicated to delivering a range of DCO projects around England and Wales. This will play a significant role in increasing Ardent’s presence in the regeneration and infrastructure sector, in the North of England. The rapid development of the Ardent Leeds team also signals tremendous growth for Ardent, attesting to the quality work we produce for our clients and provide in the interest of future generations.

As a company, not only do we believe in improving lives through the regeneration of the UK’s infrastructure, we also believe in improving the lives of young graduates, helping them to secure a place on the career ladder by offering a career, not just a job. These five individuals are now part of a growing sector, and have joined an innovative and exciting business, where they are not only able to utilise their new degrees, but are also encouraged to use their specialist knowledge. We look forward to the future that we are going to create together.

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