Atlas is Ardent’s bespoke spatial database management system that has been designed to support the full life span of a project from planning, into design and construction, through to evaluation by providing powerful tools to help project teams carry out their work effectively and efficiently.

Ardent’s Atlas platform is undergoing constant development and improvement and over the past 6 months a number of new features and capabilities have been introduced into the system:

Improvements to the Dynamic Reporting Capability

The Atlas database allows users to create a number of bespoke reports and key documents at the click of a button, removing the need for a user to input data into spreadsheets; this also removes the risk of any error in reporting. A recent addition to the reporting capability is the ability to export a timeline of communications in relation to specific landowners or interested parties, something that will prove vital during Examinations, Inquiries, and Hearings in order to evidence the level of consultation with a given party, and help in the conclusion of private negotiations. Other enhanced reporting capabilities include, Land Ownership Schedules, Survey Access Schedules, and intuitive dashboard capabilities.

Enhancements GIS Capability

The integrated GIS application within Atlas has undergone aesthetic changes to ensure the viewer is as user friendly as possible, therefore minimising any distractions from the key data. The addition of OS MasterMap data has enabled the land referencing team to show as much detail as possible during the referencing stage, which allows them to parcel land where necessary. The addition of constraints data to some project viewers has allowed our compensation team to have a view of key environmental constraints around a site when conducting their Property Cost Estimate reports.

Developments to Data Preparation Procedures

The Atlas and Geospatial Insights team have put in place a number of procedures to prepare data to be bulk uploaded into the database, resulting in vast savings in resource and budget for projects. They have developed tools to automate processes that would historically have taken a considerable amount of time. Procedures have been put in place to cleanse third party data to ensure it is at the highest standard possible before going into the database.

Integration onto Existing Projects

Atlas has had a positive uptake by existing Ardent clients and it is beginning to become a key component on the majority of large Ardent projects. The AGI team work closely with our partners and clients to ensure our data is accessible and that the database is able to integrate with existing project platforms. Integrating the database onto our projects has allowed us to make user suggested amendments, ensuring the database is efficient for everyday work.

Ardent’s Atlas & Geospatial Insights (AGI) team provide a digitally driven, integrated approach to data management, data collection and geospatial analysis. Our team provides innovation through technology, enabling Ardent teams to make the best possible use of the information available to them in order to encourage creativity, enhance efficiency and boost productivity. By designing our Atlas data management solutions in a way that makes information accessible and clear, project teams are able to make informed decisions based on real time information.

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