Whether you are a client, project management organisation or contractor; we can support you to manage land and consents compliance throughout delivery.

Obtaining consents and land is only half the battle on today’s infrastructure projects. Once the necessary consents have been granted, the challenge is to deliver the project in compliance with the plethora of mandated requirements, commitments, and obligations throughout construction.

Conditions and commitments can restrict all aspects of delivery – commencement of works phase, working hours, sequencing of works, supplementary consents and licence requirements, construction monitoring, data production and dissemination. The project must capture and understand these requirements and appropriately map out the programme dependencies, cost implications and risks associated with their compliance if it is to succeed.

While it sounds simple, in a cost and time sensitive environment, this process of capturing, analysing and acting upon these duties is frequently under-resourced and poorly managed. The CMC team are vastly experienced project managers with a track record of managing the discharge and compliance of consent obligations and commitments throughout construction.  We have taken on this role for clients, project management organisations and contractors and can bring with us a wealth of lessons learned experience.

We will help you understand and manage your compliance obligations in the most cost and time effective way, establishing processes that can slot into your wider project delivery approach. We will embed monitoring compliance within your team and can support collaborative approaches to compliance that straddle the traditional client/contractor divide.

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