After working closely with Cory Environmental Holdings Ltd (Cory) for 2 years, we are delighted to announce the Secretary of State granted a Development Consent Order for this application on the 9th April 2020.

Classed as a National Infrastructure Project, Cory have been looking to receive a Development Consent Order for powers to instruct, operate and maintain an integrated energy park, including producing energy from waste. Cory’s main aim was to generate and provide clean, low carbon renewable energy to London’s homes and businesses. In doing this, they will allow a lot more non-recyclable waste to be treated within London for the benefit of London. This will complement recycling, minimise landfill, take lorries off the roads and create new jobs.

As part of the project we needed to be able to acquire land for the main project site along with connecting the energy generated from Cory’s power station in Belvedere to the National Grid station at Dartford, involving a 10km cable route.

Since Ardent’s instruction two years ago we have supported Cory in a number of ways from land referencing, through landowner engagement and onto concluding agreements. This included assisting them through an unusual examination period. Throughout our instruction we helped Cory in the following:

  • Identified landowners along the cable route
  • Engaged, negotiated and entered into agreement with the majority of affected landowners along the cable route
  • Produced the Land Plans and the Book of Reference
  • Worked closely alongside Cory and their legal representatives Pinsent Masons to respond to the Relevant Representations and Written Representations
  • After engagement with landowners we were able to remove the majority of property related objections in the form of Relevant Representations and Written Representations
  • Drafted and issued Option Agreements to affected landowners
  • Attended the Compulsory Acquisition Hearings
  • Drafted and agreed a Statement of Common Ground for specific high profile land owners

Cory’s renewable energy scheme is a great news story all round and it has been brilliant to work with Cory on this project. We will continue our involvement with the project and are currently gearing up for the s134 notices.

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