Ardent Atlas database has recently been shortlisted for the Digital Transformation award at the Digital City Awards 2022. The database is now embedded on all of our new projects and has been adopted by a number of notable existing projects including Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm and Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm, A66 Northern Trans-Pennine, and The Portishead Branch Line (MetroWest Phase 1) Order.

The robust and agile nature of the platform has allowed us to tailor the database to suit the individual needs of these projects in order to deliver our work effectively. Ensuring we capture our clients needs enables us to provide a key component to existing project platforms and infrastructure. How is Atlas benefiting these projects?

A Common Data Environment

Ardent’s Atlas database provides a centralised, common data environment for all aspects of the land management process on infrastructure and regeneration projects of all sizes. The ability to capture and dynamically report on a number of project critical components ensures we are able to deliver our clients’ needs in an efficient and accurate manner.

Information captured and reported on within the database includes:

  • Landowner Information
  • HMLR Data
  • Communications Information
  • Survey Access Monitoring
  • Commitments and Obligations
  • Land Acquisition
  • Site Notice Serving and Monitoring

Having a platform that is available across directorates and to the wider project/client teams ensures the people are working from accurate, real-time information enabling the decision-making process to be more effective and mitigating any potential risks to the project and its timeframes.

Easy Access

Through a slick, intuitive user interface and integrated web-based GIS application Atlas provides 24/7, secure access to all land information related to the project in question.

Capturing site information, stakeholder engagement and communication information within the database brings a vast amount of information to the users fingertips.

An Integrated Approach

Enabling collaboration across a project is pivotal in delivering complex infrastructure projects. Our integrated approach to land management allows us to share data with existing project platforms and databases in a number of ways including API’s (application programming interfaces), web map feature services and project specific web applications.


The ability to pull all of the key information into industry standard templates in an automated fashion is crucial in the production of statutory documents such as the Book of Reference, land plans in support of negotiating and carrying out survey access, landowner agreements, statutory notices, and transfers.

Contact our team for more information on how we can help transform your landowner data handling, or discover more about our Ardent Atlas database. 


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