Ardent are delighted to announce the launch of their latest directorate, Atlas & Geospatial Insights (AGI). Designed to drive Ardent’s digital transformation, the AGI are tasked with ensuring all of our projects are delivered in an integrated and efficient manner.

A key role for the AGI is the development and implementation of Ardent’s new land information database, Atlas, across all of our projects. Atlas provides each project with a centralised platform for all land information, which can be accessed by all members of a project team from surveyors and consultants through to clients and key stakeholders.

The AGI will be responsible for implementing digital solutions where possible, to ensure work is being carried out effectively. This will include web application development, mobile data collection solutions and automated dynamic report generation.

Alongside the digital development, we have a team of specialist CAD and GIS consultants delivering a vast range of statutory plans across numerous applications, along with ancillary plans to support agreements, land acquisition and reporting survey access.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how the AGI directorate can complement the projects you are working on, please contact Adam Hankinson at:

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