We are pleased to announce that today, the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, approved Suffolk County Council’s plans to build the Lake Lothing Third Crossing. This is fantastic news; well done to the Ardent team that supported the project!

A spokesperson from Suffolk County Council informed journalists today that the Lake Lothing Third Crossing has been designed to make a significant difference in the area. The planned crossing hopes to reduce traffic congestion, and decrease the time of daily commutes. It is hoped that with continued investment, the wider Lowestoft community will see increased regeneration of the area.

Another aspect of the crossing will be a boost to the local economy as the council plans to employ local contractors to complete the work, and engage with local educational institutions in an effort to create more jobs through the construction phase.

Ardent has been lending support to the council through work on the DCO process. Beginning in 2016, we have been driving the project through a meticulously detailed application process, by engaging with local stakeholders, leading on the landowner agreements and providing DCO advice. The work will now continue into the next phases predominantly led by the Compensation Directorate.

Please join us in congratulating Ardent’s Lake Lothing Team, and everyone who assisted them during the scheme.

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