On Monday 19th April 2021, the Portishead Branch Line (MetroWest Phase 1) 6 month Examination drew to a close. This marked the end of a milestone achievement for the Project team and all those involved in the demanding Examination deadlines.

MetroWest has been a unique and complex project to work on and due to the pandemic, all Examination hearings were undertaken virtually. All hearings were (somehow!) completed with only minor technical difficulties. The Examining Authority now have 3 months to make their recommendations to the Secretary of State (SoS). The SoS then has 3 months to make a final decision on whether to grant or refuse development consent. The Ardent team have enjoyed being part of this great project team, delivering land access, land referencing and landowner agreements for North Somerset Council. The Project team remain hopeful of a positive decision and look forward to the next phase of the project.

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