Are you developing a project; you’ve got your engineers honing down feasibility options, land agents developing an acquisition strategy, environmental specialists assessing all manner of impacts but do you have a single clear plan of how all of this is connected to support delivery?

Or maybe you’ve just won a contract to construct a major scheme. You’re recruiting your site team, procuring sub-contractors and undertaking detailed construction planning; yet you’ve also got to hire consents, environment and stakeholder managers to meet consent and Draft CoCP compliance obligations and are unsure how these functions will mould into a coherent team?

Infrastructure project complexity is only increasing. The nature of modern projects means employing various specialists who tend towards functional siloes that integrate poorly. While there is an understanding that we’re all working towards a common goal, siloed teams don’t understand how they fit into the wider picture and affect the whole.

The full picture is often available only to senior management, who may spot integration issues as they emerge during examination or construction, but are too time poor or unsure of how to fix these gaps that threaten success.

CMC can solve this for you. We’re specialist integration project managers with a bias towards consenting and land, integrating and delivering consent and land objectives on behalf of project delivery teams.

We will manage your legal specialists, surveyors, environmental team and all the supplemental specialists required to prepare for a major consent and then discharge these responsibilities in the run up to and during delivery.

CMC project managers were all once general project managers on complex infrastructure projects who at some point were tasked to ‘get a consent’; without any explanation of what that meant, how long it would take or how much it would cost. With the resultant battle scars and grey hairs (figurative!) we know how to integrate consents and land into a wider engineering and construction delivery process. We are here to help you avoid the same pitfalls and mistakes that can undermine cost, quality and programme.

We sit as part of the core project management team to advise, manage and lead specialist suppliers in the process of delivering and managing consents and land, all driven by our core belief that integration is the key to success.  We fill the gaps between an engineer and lawyer, an environmentalist and a contractor; avoiding risks like restrictive planning conditions or land access refusals that can add months and millions to construction.

To find out more about how we do this please visit our Project Team Integration page here, or contact our CMC Director, Viki James.

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