We are excited to announce that Ardent Leeds’ Senior Consultant, Rachel Brade, who sits on the RICS Matrics Yorkshire & Humber committee, has secured our very own Director of Compulsory Purchase and Consents (Northern Region), Jacqui Stoddart, an opportunity to present at the first RICS Matrics Yorkshire & Humber CPD session of the RICS year, on Tuesday 29th October at 17:30.


Jacqui will deliver her presentation on the Compulsory Purchase Development Consent Order (DCO) process, covering topics such as Land Referencing, Securing Survey Access, Consultation, Negotiation of Voluntary Agreement, DCO Application Documents, Property Cost Estimate, Examination and Land Entry & Enactment of Powers. Jacqui’s presentation will help to grow awareness of the infrastructure promotion sector. It is this specialist knowledge that Ardent prides itself on.

The event will be held at the prestigious Platform, on New Station Road in Leeds.

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