Effective risk and opportunity management is fundamental to all successful projects. CMC can help you identify, value, and mitigate consents and land risks as part of your wider project risk management approach. Whether you are a client or contractor, understanding of how land and consents risks apply to you is key to programme compliance, financial modelling, contracting, and stakeholder management.

Consents and land activities generate risks and opportunities throughout the project lifecycle. Drawing on our extensive experience across a variety of projects and sectors, our staff are adept at identifying, evaluating, and managing these risks in all contexts. We’ll help you go beyond the simple analysis of common risks such as failure to gain a consent, land access or discharge of a planning condition to consider the risks associated with individual consent conditions and obligations, or restrictive land covenants; including the risks associated with failure to comply and how to mitigate.

Frequently the crystallisation of land or consent risk impacts are felt most by engineering and construction delivery teams – delays to works, restrictive conditions on access and constraints on construction methods. This gap between the people managing the risk and those affected by it, is a common point of failure in project delivery. As part of our risk management service, we help facilitate collaboration and integration between teams so all relevant people are aware of the risks and can mitigate and manage this effectively together. We will help identify where other areas of the project can pose a source of risk to consents and land activities, further supporting our general approach to integrative management of project delivery.

Visit our Risk & Opportunity Management page, or get in touch to find out more about the qualitative and quantitative risk analysis support we can provide for your project.

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