While we may all be familiar with milestone achievements such as application submission, completion of a land deal or granting of consent; there is less awareness of the routine ongoing consenting and land activities throughout the whole project lifecycle. In major project development, years can be added to a programme by key activities such as:

  • Environmental Monitoring: 6-24 months
  • Acquisition of land rights prior (without CPO powers): 12-24 months
  • Consent Determination Period: 6-12 months
  • Discharge of pre-commencement planning conditions: 12-24 months
  • Compulsory Purchase/Acquisition of Land process: 3-9 months

Once general management tasks are factored in such as procuring specialist land, consents, and legal suppliers, integrating with design development processes, and collaborating with contractors in discharge conditions, there are land and consents activities taking place throughout the whole project lifecycle.

Having a clear understanding of your consent and land requirements throughout the project lifecycle is paramount to a successful holistic project delivery strategy. Ardent’s Consents Management Consultancy (CMC) will support you to identify the objectives and challenges at each project stage and develop a robust strategy and programme to integrate with wider delivery, drawing on our industry leading land assembly experience. We will also review your project structure and resourcing to help you design and manage the right team to lead you to success in the most efficient route possible.

We can support you to do this in the development and construction phases of the project. We assist both clients and contractors to understand how consents and land commitments apply to them and what that means practically throughout a multi-year/multi-phased construction process.

We have seen many projects face critical delays and avoidable costs due to incomplete application documents, missed permits, late condition discharges and simply a lack of disciplined collaboration. We can support your project to identify, detail and deliver your consents and land objectives as a golden thread through your project, to bring cost certainty and programme efficiency. Contact our expert CMC team to find out more by visiting our service page here.

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