Our lives revolve around infrastructure, whether it’s utilities, roads or rail, or residential and commercial developments, the quality of our lives rests on the shoulders of these giants.

With the UK Government focused on the 2050 net-zero target, promoters are working around the clock to transition our current infrastructure to better suit the needs of the future, these include: combatting climate change, improving communities for a growing population, and filling the energy gaps left by the decommissioning of fossil fuel power stations.

In a fascinating article published by the New Civil Engineer, the latest delay in the development of the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Plant leaves energy experts questioning whether the UK’s energy gap can be filled by renewable energy sources? And is the upcoming closure of fossil fuel energy providers premature? Questions such as these leave us wondering how land assembly and infrastructure experts can contribute to weaning the UK populace off its dependency on fossil fuels?

We have spent over twenty-five years helping our clients and partners to deliver infrastructure projects ahead of schedule and under budget. We know how to mitigate delays, manage risk, and ensure that the public does not feel the negative impacts of these gaps in our infrastructure during times of mass development and transition. In short, how we can help deliver the 2050 net-zero target is to guide our clients through the land assembly process and provide a service that aids in the speedy development of the infrastructure of tomorrow.

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