On Friday, 10th December, the Ardent team finally reunited in person after two years, to celebrate their hard work and achievements at the annual Ardent Christmas Party, which was held in the beautiful city of Manchester. It was great to see so many faces, some familiar and others new, in a safe and festive environment. The fun and festivities made the many months of planning and organising such an event in peculiar times, all worth it; so thank you to everyone in the Ardent team.

As part of the festivities, the Ardent team decided to support a local charity, and opted to give a selection of toys and children’s clothing to the Manchester-based charity, Wood Street Mission. Started in 1869, the Wood Street Mission is a children’s charity that helps low income families and their children, by providing essentials such as children’s clothes, toys, and books, and baby equipment to new mothers. As well as providing new school uniforms, and children’s book in an effort to alleviate family debt during the school year, the Wood Street Mission also runs a gift drive over the holiday period, which ensures that children have presents to open on Christmas Day.

The Ardent team are immensely proud of the effort that everyone made to give something back to the community, and for the support they gave to such a wonderful charity at this time of year; hopefully there will be many more smiles this Christmas.

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