Whilst the UK looks toward more renewable energy sources, and dismantling coal-fired power stations, part of the overarching policy for energy in this country still maintains the need for gas-fired power stations. VPI Immingham are hoping to expand on their current Combined Heat and Power (‘CHP’) Plant by building an Open Cycle Gas Turbine (‘OCGT’), covering approximately two hectares.

An OCGT compresses air into a combustion chamber, where it is burned at a constant pressure to feed hot gases through a turbine to generate electricity. The main advantage of using this technology is its ability to switch on and generate a vast amount of electricity quickly, making it a responsive and reliable source of energy for peak periods of demand.

Due to the size and nature of the project, VPI Immingham applied for a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) under the Planning Act 2008. Ardent was instructed to deliver the Land Referencing services, which included issuing Request for Information letters, assisting with notices, providing several types of plans and ultimately producing the Book of Reference and Land Plans.

Ardent was able to contribute its reputed services in successfully meeting tight deadlines, delivering application documents to a high level and providing a versatile package to the client, along with sharing experience from our considerable industry leading DCO track record.

The DCO application was submitted in April 2019, and received consent for development on 7th August 2020.