Acquisition & Land Assembly

acquisitionArdent’s experience in compulsory purchase puts us in an informed position to undertake negotiations. Our expert understanding of both valuation practice and the law that applies to Compulsory Purchase valuations allows clients to rely on us as a safe pair of hands to assemble land and deliver a compulsory purchase.

Working for Acquiring Authorities

We tailor our acquisition and land assembly process to each project´s characteristics, and always ensure that time and cost factors are carefully controlled.

Our strong track record in delivering option agreements and land and works agency for projects is due to our ability to combine management expertise, technical capability, skilful negotiation and innovative solutions to bring added value to our clients. We identify opportunities, anticipate problems, manage risks and minimise impacts.

We have been engaged by numerous clients to undertake acquisitions having previously been involved in earlier stages of the project including Land Referencing. As the amount of compensation a vendor receives is understandably a sensitive issue, we find that where we have previously undertaken consultation or Land Referencing, we are more quickly able to overcome the natural cynicism of affected parties and their familiarity with us aids negotiations.

We have pioneered the use of General Vesting powers for transport schemes, and we produce and serve Notices to Treat, Notices of Entry, Notices of Intention and General Vesting Notices for all projects.

Where land is acquired by agreement, we:

Give valuation advice, negotiate settlements and land transfers. Our service includes:

  • Negotiation of option agreements and compensation
  • Taking entry, securing properties and undertaking condition surveys
  • Taking enforcement action to secure entry if necessary
  • Assessing and dealing with Stamp Duty Land Tax liabilities
  • Dealing with land transfers; securing and registering title

Working for Claimants

As well as working for acquiring authorities and developers, Ardent also negotiates compensation for claimants.

We recognise that this can be a very sensitive issue where people’s homes or businesses are under threat. We have a dedicated claimants part to this website where we provide more information.