Land Referencing, Plan Production & Notice Serving

landrefArdent undertakes land referencing and plan production for all land assembly and Compulsory Purchase projects. This service supports masterplanning and planning applications as well as the promotion and implementation of compulsory purchase and other orders.

Whether provided as a dedicated task or alongside other services, we apply our broader surveying expertise to identify any issues that will have an impact on the project. The records we create are comprehensive, up-to-date and accurately record all land interests for planning and compulsory purchase applications.

Our clients recognise the invaluable contribution we make to scheme consultation and development as a direct result of our approach.

Our teams of dedicated Land Referencers and Chartered Surveyors capture all data to generate application documents, including Books of Reference, CPO schedules and all notices in support of an application. This includes the ultimate notices for entry and acquisition of land.

Our service includes:

  • The preparation of Compulsory Purchase Order Plans, Deposited Plans and Rights of Way Plans
  • Production of Compulsory Purchase Order Schedules and Books of Reference
  • Generation and service of statutory notices such as Notices to Treat, Notices of Entry, Notices of Intention and General Vesting Declarations
  • Reporting of notice returns
  • Preparation, placing and monitoring of site notices
  • Swearing affidavits of notice serving
  • Giving evidence in support of land referencing at any hearing or Public Inquiry