Solar 21 via North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park Limited (‘NLGEPL’) instructed Ardent in July 2020 to deliver land referencing services to support them in obtaining powers to construct, operate and maintain an Energy Recovery Facility (‘ERF’) which would will be located at Flixborough Industrial Estate near Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire.

The plans bring together proven technologies in an innovative way to recover energy from waste and use as many of the by-products as possible.

The Project consists of an Energy Recovery Facility (‘ERF’) converting up to 650,000 tonnes per annum of Refuse Derived Fuel (‘RDF’) to generate a maximum of 95 Mega Watts of electrical output (MWe) and/or 380 Mega Watts of thermal output (MWt) to provide power, heat and steam on the site of the operating Flixborough Wharf on the River Trent. The Project will incorporate battery storage, hydrogen production from the electrolysis of water, hydrogen storage, heat and steam storage.

It will also include heat-treatment of bottom and fly ash, concrete block manufacturing, carbon dioxide capture and utilisation and an extended district heat network of 5km, power and gas network to service the nearby proposed housing development.

Due to the size and nature of the project, NLGEPL will be applying for a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) under the Planning Act 2008, this is set to be submitted in March 2022. Ardent are instructed to deliver the Land Referencing services, which include issuing Request for Information letters, assisting with notices, providing several types of plans and ultimately producing the Book of Reference and Land Plans and assisting with the Work Plans.

The team have also advised on valuations, cost estimates, acquisitions, Category 3 risk and compensation. Ardent have been able to share extensive lessons learned and DCO experience from their considerable industry leading track record and have also continued to build on established relationships with collaboration partners that are also part of the project team. This has included providing access to Ardent’s bespoke land data platform, Atlas, to allow the client real time access to Lands data.

Ardent have added value through sharing experiences from our considerable industry leading DCO track record on statutory documents, assisting those disciplines less experienced and enhancing efficiency in the process where possible, minimising cost and risk.