Although renewable resources such as solar or wind provide groundbreaking developments in green energy solutions, these sources share one key disadvantage, their reliance on intermittent conditions.

Battery storage systems help to strengthen the stability of our green energy distribution by capturing and storing excess energy during periods of low demand. They provide a fail-safe contingency that ensures our communities and networks operate, no matter the conditions.

Drawing on extensive experience in the delivery of renewable energy projects, Ardent’s battery storage services will both complement and optimise your existing energy needs. Our expert team will help you mitigate any potential development risks, whilst ensuring you have the correct framework to deliver a large complex site.

Helping the UK and Ireland to transition to a clean energy future, Ardent’s growing portfolio of services will carry your battery storage project through its lifecycle, offering expert advice and support from initial inception, to build completion.

Battery Storage services and support

  • Site finding services
  • Landowner identification
  • Land rights, leases and agreements negotiations
  • Plan production

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