Cable Cars

Ardent recognises the role that cable cars can play in supporting transport networks both in the urban environment and to overcome natural features such as rivers, lakes and gorges. Having played a key role in the delivery of the UK’s first urban cable car, the Emirates Air Line, we are keen to see this form of transport play an increasing role across some of the UK’s most congested city centres.

Similarly to local and light rail projects, it is possible to obtain all of the necessary planning, operating and compulsory purchase consents for cable cars through the promotion of a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO), however the cost and time required to construct cable cars is significantly less than for other modes of transport.

Through the Emirates Air Line project Ardent pioneered a land acquisition strategy. This allows clients to only acquire permanently the small parcels of land which are required for stations and columns, together with the airspace through which the cable and gondolas travel. Our acquisition strategy also provided for protective rights, including for maintenance and emergency purposes within the land and airspace beneath the system to be acquired, as well as using land temporarily to construct the system. We delivered all of the land by agreement, to meet a challenging programme, and within the land acquisition budget.

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