As the growth and regeneration of our urban environments accelerate, so does the demand for scalable, cleaner, and more efficient modes of transport.

Helping to shape our urban landscapes, Light Rail offers a sustainable provision for urban travel, driving accessibility for employment, boosting economic development, and cutting carbon emissions. 

Supporting light rail as an integral part of our towns and cities, Ardent has delivered on some of the most notable light rail schemes in the UK and Ireland, including London Docklands Light Railway, Metrowest, and Nottingham Express Transit. 

Our experience in promoting Transport & Works Act Orders (TWAO’s) is unrivalled. We have successfully promoted more TWAO’s than any other surveying practise in the UK and Ireland, helping to secure Ardent as the leading land advisory service for light rail projects. Our team of transport experts understand the complexities of delivering large infrastructure projects in urban areas, working with colleagues from around the business to provide solutions that are unique to their surrounding area and communities.