At Ardent we have significant experience in promoting and delivering linear transport schemes. Our experience in transport infrastructure means we are well placed to promote and exercise compulsory purchase powers under the Highways Act 1980 and the Development Consent Order (DCO) process.

Our expert team of compulsory purchase experts can help whether it is land referencing, land agency, consultation or valuation.

Ardent is currently advising Highways England on over 10 DCO projects across the country (including OxCam, A428, Manchester North West Quadrant, M42, M3, A12 and A585). Our undertaking of land referencing will continue to support all of these applications, before and during the examination. This is through landowner engagement, securing option agreements and submission of the DCO application documents.

Our ability to provide an integrated service, whereby we deliver the land referencing alongside the land agency and valuation work, is an attractive and efficient offer to clients and part of the reason why our team are the leading land advisors on highways DCOs in the country.

For more information on Highways, contact Mike Crowther on 07760 398 495 or mikecrowther@ardent-management.com