Ports & Airports

If you need to apply for compulsory purchase powers for Airports and Runways under Section 59(1) of the Airports Act 1986, with Ardent you’re in very safe hands. When Airports need to be created or altered with use of Compulsory Purchase powers, we recognise the high level of commercial, political and community sensitivity involved.

Our expert team of negotiators and Compulsory Purchase experts can help in a number of ways:

  • Analysing which parties are affected
  • Estimating the required land acquisition budget
  • Promoting a Compulsory Purchase Order under
    • The Airports Act 1986 or;
    • A Development Consent Order (DCO)
  • Undertaking consultation
  • Dealing with claims
  • Project managing the scheme

We have unrivalled national expertise in Compulsory Purchase for transport infrastructure schemes.

Whether you are exercising Compulsory Purchase powers or affected by the use of them, Ardent’s team of Project Managers, Chartered Surveyors and Land Referencers are specialists in all aspects of Compulsory Purchase.

If you are concerned that you may be affected by a proposed new airport or the expansion of an existing airport, contact us at the earliest stage possible and our expert team can give you peace of mind that your interests are fairly represented. For more information, please see our Compensation services page.

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For more information on Ports and Airports, contact Stuart Cooper on 07747 562 840 or stuartcooper@ardent-management.com