Ardent provides leading industry advice for energy projects having supported over 25 energy Development Consent Order (DCO) projects out of the 46 total DCO projects to date. This includes; Offshore Wind Farms, Tidal Energy, Solar and Hydro.

We specialise in providing expert advice for land assembly and acquisition of other land rights by agreement including;

  • Options
  • Easements
  • Wayleaves
  • Other land interests

Alongside land strategy, we also take care of the following;

  • Land referencing
  • Landowner engagement
  • Negotiations
  • Statutory document production

Our team includes some of the industry’s leading DCO experts and we have provided the property expert through the examination process on over 10 projects to date. We also frequently take care of post consent deliverables, including;

  • Notice serving
  • Entry to land
  • Land hand back
  • Settlement of compensation claims.

Some of the recent renewable energy projects we have worked on include;

  • Teesside Carbon Capture
  • Riverside Energy Park
  • Triton Knoll
  • Norfolk Vanguard
  • Norfolk Boreas
  • Thanet Extension

We were also instructed on the Swansea Tidal Lagoon project in 2013 to deliver land referencing and landowner consultation services and to provide the Book of Reference and Land plans for the application. This was the first tidal energy project to proceed under the DCO regime.

Ardent are proud to have supported a large number of renewable energy projects and in doing so, make a significant contribution to the clean energy future of the UK.

For more information on Renewables, contact Peter Gibbard on 07917 341614 or